Plus Size Chicks Tips & Tricks for the Holiday

The annual end of year holiday season has began and for many that means the dread of gaining unwanted pounds. Trust me, I know the feeling. This is the time of year when everyone and their momma are hosting a party, gathering, dinner, luncheon, breakfast and etc. There is the office party, significant others office party, the church functions, community events, and etc.

There will be plenty of food, booze and the potential for disaster. However…


There are several tricks I use to prevent myself from overeating, and to redirect my brain when it comes to food. You see the brain is the true culprit, so don’t beat yourself up. Instead learn how to deal with your thinking and you will be a lot better off. Once you know how to trick your brain, then you will have learned the secret to having control. Matter of fact not just having control, but being in control. Some days will be easier then others. However, it is all about staying in the fight and anticipating your victory in the end.

To assist you with the battle to not gain weight during this holiday season. I created the Plus Size Chicks Tips & Tricks for the Holiday. This is an infographic outlining 6 sure fire tips and tricks you can use to assist with not gaining weight during any holiday or any point in your life. You may get your copy HERE

What are some of the things you will be doing or practicing this holiday season to barrier against gaining unwanted pounds?

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