Plus Size Wellness is a Tonya L. Keatz Enterprise company established in 2016 to empower individuals who are considered big and beautiful, to embrace their curves and know that “size does not determine health”. Meaning, there can be an individual that is considered overweight according to European standards. However, that person may be healthier than an individual that is considered an ideal weight. We believe, an individual should be healthy, no matter what size or shape they are. 

Beside "body acceptance" we also acknowledge that wellness is essential to a healthy life. Genetically we may have a more voluptious and buff frame. However, we are still responsible for maintaining our health. In this world of the Standard American Diet (SAD), junk food, GMO and highly processed foods with corn and soy fillers. It's important to be aware of these and other culprits and more importanly avoid them. It is our aim to educate the public on how to make more (whole)istic choices in life.