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5 Top Health Benefits of Going Out in Nature

Chances are you heard it when you were a child, someone telling you to get up and go outside for a while. Whether from a well-meaning parent or a teacher, you probably connected that idea with exercise and the health benefits of spending time out of the house. But did

Self care

How to Treat Yourself to a Day of Self-Care

Let’s face it – everyone’s been feeling more than a little stressed for quite some time now. Between the pandemic, economic crisis, election drama, and everything else going on, it’s a wonder we aren’t all sporting a lot more grey hairs. If you’re feeling the negative effects of stress, take

How to Manage Your Chronic Pain and Live a Fuller Life

Chronic pain is debilitating. Your body is continually throbbing day in and day out even though it may have been years since you initially suffered the injury that caused it. The pain can make it a challenge just to get through each day, and your mental health might suffer as

How to Naturally Brighten Your Smile

Every year, dental hygiene companies spend millions of dollars marketing solutions to teeth whitening. You see their ads on television, the internet, in magazines it is almost impossible not to see them. But do you really have to go through these expensive treatments for a dazzling bright smile? No, you

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