10 Tips to Help Improve Your Self-Discipline

We all want more self-control. Imagine how much easier life would be if eating right was not such a struggle or a trip to the gym was not a fight with self. Not to mention that desire for an extra hour of sleep when it is time to get up in the morning and prepare a healthy breakfast before work.

Thankfully self-discipline is a trait that anyone can master. You do not have to be born with the ability. In fact, by following these 10 simple tips, you can start improving your self-discipline skills almost immediately. Here is how:

Understand What is Particularly Tempting

We all have a weakness. Whether it is not being able to say no to the salty snacks or staying up late night watching television night after night, we are looking at the same problem: A lack of self-discipline. By knowing what our triggers are, it is a simple matter to defuse them.

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Change Your Environment

Once you know what tempts you, the simple solution is to remove the trigger from your environment. Salty snacks? Stop buying them. Staying up late? Remove the lightbulb from your bedroom. Do not be afraid to get radical and more than a little creative.

Set a Goal

Without a plan, how can you accomplish anything? Ask what you’re trying to change. What does your new future look like for you? Make an action plan to take you there.


Self-discipline does not happen overnight. The only way you are going to learn it is to practice it. Look at the plan you just created. What steps does it require? Push yourself to act on those steps, daily.

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Break Things Down

Change is more natural to make when the steps are kept small and very simple. Break things down to their smallest components. What is something small you can do today to help you build the habit of self-discipline?

Pay Attention to Your Body

Your physical health will always affect your willpower, so taking care of the basics, such as getting enough sleep and exercising regularly will help you to have better self-discipline.

Gain a New Perspective

The moment you start thinking you have no self-discipline, or that your willpower is a finite resource, you start limiting yourself. By changing your inner dialogue, you’re more likely to have success. Remind yourself often: “I have got this.” It truly is about mind over matter.

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What is Your Plan B?

When going into a difficult situation where you know self-discipline will be challenged, create a backup plan. Know before you begin just what you’re going to do if the worst happens. Implement as needed.

Use Rewards

When you succeed in your goals, do not be afraid to allow yourself a small reward. As human beings, we are wired to work our best when we know we are going to get something that we want out of the experience.

Know How to Move On

Screwed up? Forgive yourself. Keep going. It is normal for everyone to mess up now and again. It is what you do next that matters.

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[…] Read this next: 10 Tips to Improve Your Self-Discipline […]