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Beauty Tips That Will Help You Through the Summer

Summer beauty is something that most women plan for months in advance. Swimsuits, diets, makeup, and more all contribute to their summer planning. However, it’s important not to forget about beauty maintenance. Use some of these beauty tips to help you continue to look and feel your best all summer long.

Use Sunscreen

If you take nothing else from this article, take this tip: sunscreen is essential to your summer health. During the summer, you want to get outside and spend time in the sun enjoying the warm weather. This helps improve your mood, get you out into nature, and boost your vitamin D levels. However, there are many negative effects of sun exposure as well. Too much sun exposure causes your skin to be burned by the UV radiation. This can cause more wrinkles, less dewey skin, and can even lead to skin cancer. To keep your skin and body healthy during the summer, apply sunscreen often. Every two hours or so, use the “three finger method”. This means making lines of sunscreen across three of your fingers, and applying that much sunscreen to your face. This helps provide adequate UV protection to your skin.

Use More Moisturizer

Another downside of sun exposure is that the heat can strip your skin of some of its natural oils. Excess sun exposure can dry out your skin, especially in the summer. In addition to using high-quality sunscreen, keeping your favorite moisturizer handy can help you look your best during the summer. If you want to keep that glowy, moisturized skin, you may need to use more moisturizer. Apply a thicker layer in the morning, and keep a travel-sized moisturizer in your bag. This allows you to reapply throughout the day if you notice your skin beginning to dry out.

Keep Deodorant Handy

Summer heat means more sweating. Not only does this affect your sociality, but excess sweating can cause some beauty problems as well. If you sweat, and leave it for too long, you could develop acne and other embarrassing effects. Deodorant is your best friend for this. It keeps you smelling good and repelling sweat, but deodorant has some other handy uses during the summer too. Shorts are coming back in the summer, which means thigh chafing. Instead of avoiding the clothing item, or dealing with the pain, rub some fragrance free deodorant on your thighs and strut in full confidence. This stops the chafing.

Summer is the time for relaxing and enjoying time with friends and loved ones. Looking your best helps you feel your most confident for these events. Utilize these beauty tips to keep you looking and feeling great all summer long.

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