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What if we told you that not all bacteria is harmful? Millions of healthy, helpful bacteria help keep you safe and healthy every day in your body. Beneficial probiotics can also help increase the number of helpful bacteria in your body, which is essential for maintaining your health. In additionContinue Reading

Not feeling well

Autumn’s weather has officially arrived. Which means the air is damp and cooler. It also means the 2018-2019 annual flu season is about to begin. Flu season in the United States of America usually runs its course between October and February. According to an article written by reporter Nina GodlewskiContinue Reading

Plus Size Wellness Spring Cleaning Detox

Courtesy of The Huffington Post Canada In the midst of spring cleaning kitchens and bedrooms, it’s not such a bad idea to start ‘spring cleaning’ your body as well. It’s been a long winter, which means few of us had much exposure to sun (and if we’re being honest, exercise),Continue Reading