Life can be challenging for just about everyone, but when you have good coping mechanisms, you can handle the challenges that come. Some coping mechanisms can be done on your own, while others you can do with people you love. When you can find healthy ways to cope with life’s challenges, you can be more comfortable and happier throughout your life.

Occupy Your Time

One of the worst things you can do for your mental health is to sit around without anything to do or think about. You can occupy your time in many different ways that can all be beneficial to your mental and physical health. Participating in sports and other physical activities can be a great way to spend your time. Taking up a hobby or craft is another amazing thing you can do to improve your mental health. As you find things to do with your life, you will have more outlets for your emotion when you are hurt or angry.

Recognize Your Feelings

It is incredibly difficult to manage your feelings and your mental health if you don’t know how to recognize what you are feeling. It can be hard to know what you are feeling if you don’t take the time to practice noticing and recognizing what you feel. Labeling your feelings can be a powerful tool for battling anxiety. If you are having trouble labeling your feelings, you can talk to a therapist who can guide you through the process. Remember that it is okay for you to feel things and that when you know what you are feeling, it is easier to work your way through those emotions.


Taking time to write down what you are feeling and experiencing can be a great way for you to improve your mental health. Your journal can be something you write in daily or something you use when you are feeling especially emotional or stressed. You can write in a physical journal or on your phone. There are even journaling apps that can give you great prompts to help you manage your mental health. When you take time to write about what you are experiencing, it gives you time to process those emotions in a healthy way.

Everyone has different needs for their mental health, but having coping mechanisms available to them is always a good thing. You should take time to get to know yourself better and learn about what you prefer to engage with. As you manage your emotions more effectively, you will become more comfortable with the things life throws your way.

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