About Our Brand

Plus Size Wellness is a Temple of Perfection, LLC brand established in 2016 to motivate persons who are a size 12 and over to embrace their bodies/curves and know that “size does not determine health”. Meaning, there can be an individual that is considered overweight according to Western standards. However, that person may be healthier than an individual that is considered an ideal weight. We believe an individual should be healthy, no matter what size or shape they are.

We provide a blog and digital magazine filled with articles and recipes that offer nourishment for our readers minds, bodies, and souls. We also offer workshops, consultations, coaching, and group challenges.

We are spreading self-love
body positivity, and wellness.


Our Mission

Our goal and purpose are to educate, uplift, and empower plus-size individuals. With the focus being wellness of mind, body, and soul. Our motto is “Spreading self-love, body positivity, and wellness”.



Our targeted audience are women age 35-60 who are considered overweight, obese, ample, curvy and reside in the United States. However, because we offer a digital magazine our market is worldwide. According to analytics our top three regional markets that read our Plus Size Wellness blog and magazine are in the United States, Indonesia, and Sweden. Our fourth largest regional market is Germany. 


Plus Size Wellness magazine is fully digital  Because the magazine is digital it allows our team to present an interactive experience to our readers. Including placement of hyperlinks, audio, and videos inside the magazine. Plus Size Wellness magazine can be read on laptop, desktop, tablet, and smartphones.

Publishing and Subscriptions

Plus Size Wellness magazine publishes quarterly. We are a digital magazine and that is our main focus and promotion when it comes to readership. 

Our Target Advertiser

Businesses and brands that promote health, wellness, fitness, and spirituality. Fashion brands that provide clothing for plus-size women (sizes 12+). Not-for-profit organizations, clinics, and medical centers that provide traditional, natural, and contemporary health services. Food brands that are healthy. Wellness centers, spas and , etc. 

Welcome to the Plus Size Wellness Family!

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We publish new issues in the following months:

March, June, September, December.