One of the most overlooked health problems in modern-day society is that of proper sleep hygiene. Many people feel chronically exhausted and don’t know how to fix it. There are many ways to go about trying to address this – and here are a few of the most common solutions.

Get the Right Amount of Sleep

This one is key. So many teens and adults in America today do not get the doctor-recommended amount of eight hours of sleep on a nightly basis. Most often, this is because of responsibilities (work, school, kids, etc.) that cannot wait. If you find yourself in that kind of position, it is critical that you manage your time a little better. You need to take the time necessary to get the proper eight hours. You will not be able to function and do what you need to do if you’re exhausted. If you are having trouble sleeping, talk to a doctor. Practicing good sleep hygiene and over-the-counter sleeping pills (which can be obtained without a prescription) can be helpful.

Drink Caffeine

This one really should only be used in emergencies and not on a regular basis. Caffeine is a drug, after all – and can definitely be addictive if used regularly. To some, it may not be obvious (given the constant presence of caffeine in coffee, tea, soda, chocolate, energy drinks, and more), but caffeine can be harmful if abused. It can cause other side effects as well; coffee and tea can stain your teeth if you drink them a lot. Ultimately, though, it should be fine to use in moderation. Drink caffeine to push through your afternoon if you must, but don’t depend on it.


A big part of getting enough sleep (and being able to sleep the proper amount of time) is staying healthy. You’re going to want a well-rounded diet, of course, but you’re also going to need to exercise regularly. To be clear – that doesn’t mean you have to start running several miles and lifting weights. Exercise can just be taking a walk around the neighborhood. The key here is to get your circulatory system pumping. Especially if you’re often sedentary in your workplace or with your hobbies, this one will make a big difference.

Exhaustion is becoming more and more common. People burn out on their ambitions and efforts to conform to ‘hustle’ culture. Mental health becomes a factor relating to your energy as well. It’s okay to know when and how you need to rest. Taking care of yourself is critical.

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