Do you often feel pressure and discomfort in your upper stomach after dinner? Suffering from indigestion and/or heartburn can be bothersome, especially if it impairs you from participating in activities. Here are a few tips for fighting symptoms of indigestion after eating dinner. 

Use Antacids

First, to fight indigestion after eating dinner, try using antacids. Antacids are medications that help to reduce and neutralize the acidity of your stomach after eating. This can help to relieve the painful symptoms and irritations of indigestion and/or heartburn. Most antacids can be bought without a specific prescription. 

Some popular types of antacids include Tums, Alka-Seltzer, Citracal, and others. It can even be helpful to keep some antacids in your car or purse if you often suffer indigestion after eating out. Just make sure that you follow your doctor’s instructions and the medicine’s dosage guidelines to make sure that you’re using antacids correctly.

Eat Better Foods

Another way to fight indigestion is to eat better foods. Certain foods might contain more acids or increase the acidity in your stomach after eating them. For example, oily foods and processed snacks such as fast food, fried food, pizza, fatty meats, and more can increase symptoms of indigestion and heartburn. 

Eating better foods and minimizing the amounts of oily, processed foods that you eat can help to fight your indigestion. Eating more vegetables can counteract the acidity of other foods you eat. Eating whole grains such as oatmeal and brown rice can also fight off indigestion.

Eat at Regular Times

Finally, make sure that you’re eating dinner at regular times to fight indigestion. Eating dinner at an extremely late hour can cause you to experience indigestion since your body can’t process and digest the food before you’re going to sleep. Eating a late dinner can cause your blood sugar to spike, alter your hormone levels, increase indigestion, bring about acid reflux, and even cause you to gain weight. It can also affect the quality of your sleep. So if you’re hungry late at night, try eating a light, healthy snack rather than a full-on meal. Generally, you shouldn’t eat dinner later than 5 or 6 pm if possible. Making an effort to eat dinner at regular times can lessen symptoms of indigestion.

So, if you’re frequently experiencing indigestion after eating dinner, remember the tips in this article. You should try using antacids, eating better foods, and eating at regular times. These approaches can reduce the bothersome symptoms of indigestion that you often experience.

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