Anna Daniel is an up and coming model who is ready for the world. One thing that got our attention is the fact that she is a stellar example of plus size wellness. I follow Anna on IG and am so impressed with her journey and finesse; I just knew she had to grace our Plus Size Wellness readers with her ambiance and beauty. So, sit back, sip on your brew of choice and enjoy this article. As I introduce you to Anna Daniel our official first #IAmPlusSizeWellness Person of the Month.

Anna is a 20 something Marylander. Because of her sense of fashion and beauty, several years ago during college, several people suggested she model. Though modeling was an interest of hers, she doubted she would be accepted as a model due to her size. She knew that because she is considered plus-size and not the typical modeling industry standard. She wondered would she be accepted as a model.  

Wellness is the act of caring for your mind, body, and soul. It’s about leading a healthy lifestyle, balanced and fulfilled. Wellness is a practice that takes dedication and perseverance. It, at times, can be challenging, but wellness is always worth the effort. ” – Anna Daniel

She continued to watch how the modeling industry has become more body positive and inclusive over the past few years. The beginning of 2019, she took the bold step to finally come forth as a model and do the darn thing. Recently Anna partook in the “The Real Catwalk Baltimore” at the Baltimore Harbor. The annual international event is an all-inclusive body positivity event started by America’s Next Top Model (Season 24) 2nd Runner Up Khrystyana.

The Real Catwalk NYC in 2018

Anna knows firsthand about feeling the pressure to fit into a European ideal of what beauty looks like when it comes to size. She silently suffered from the eating disorder bulimia nervosa while in her early 20’s. She shared that one day when she was home from college, her mother heard her purging in the bathroom after she had eaten. She is thankful to her mother for being her biggest supporter and helping her overcome her past eating disorder. Now Anna through transparency shares her story in order to hopefully encourage people that may have an eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia.

“Physical activity is not just for weight loss; physical activity is for health.” -Anna Daniel

Plus-size model Anna Daniel working out.

Aside from modeling Anna makes sure to keep her health in check by working out regularly and eating a sensible diet. If she eats too much fast food, she checks herself and makes sure to balance it by taking a break from eating unhealthy foods. Anna says she loves working out, for not just her physical health but also her emotional health. Anna believes that when we put the effort into taking care of our bodies we feel better emotionally and physically. If she misses a few days or a week she can feel the difference.

One of the biggest triggers for weight gain is stress. Don’t put yourself in a stressful state by worrying about losing weight because the body will hold onto the excess weight due to the constant state of stress you are in. Which then defeats the purpose because the body will not be able to lose weight.

Plus-size model Anna Daniel working out.

To de-stress Anna likes to workout, get facials, stay at home and watch a movie, and talking to her friends and loved ones about situations that may be bothering her. Even if you cannot get a solution, just talking out the situation helps with releasing the issue. “Someone else knows about the situation, I’m not alone.”

When I asked Anna, what are her modeling goals she said “As an immediate goal she would like to be signed to an agency, but of course her long-term goal is to be the next Ashley Graham, be a featured model on the cover of Sports Illustrated and walk the runway at New York Fashion Week. We can see that happening and wish Anna much success with her modeling career.  Be sure to visit Anna’s website and follow her on IG @ragedy_anna

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  1. Hi Anna Daniel.I congratulate you about all the sport and your life style. I am sure I want to meet you because you feel like a good person. I can say that I am in love of you.Thank you and good luck. El Hadji

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