Lane Bryant New Diverse Mannequins

Lane Bryant has unveiled their new diverse mannequins. The mannequins are in 4 different colors, representing the various hues of their customers.

According to a press release by Lane Bryant, the mannequins are a reflection of their brand’s commitment to inclusion and diversity. This commitment hasn’t always been accepted by the non-acceptable few.

lany bryant diverse mannequins
Lane Bryant diverse mannequins.

I appreciate the fact that Lane Bryant hasn’t given up the fight to have inclusion and diversity in stores and in the media. It shows they are connected and committed to their customers. That’s why their customers still support Lane Bryant, even though several new retail options are available both online and offline.

The beauty industry has a recent push to include more diversity in the beauty and fashion industries. Which means having hues and shades that resemble all of their consumers.

Lane Bryant is a trailblazer in retail for the plus size women. As a brown-hued woman, I am elated over this move and am loving the movement toward the inclusion of all people. Way to go Lane Bryant!

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