Many people see the dentist twice a year and never think about it outside of those visits. However, a dentist can also help you with less common dental emergencies. The following are just a few reasons you may need to see a dentist as quickly as possible.

You Have a Severe Toothache

If you’ve developed a severe toothache, that is a sign that something else could be significantly wrong with your teeth. Most tooth pain is caused by untreated cavities. When a cavity first occurs, acid-producing bacteria are attracted to any sugars or food residue on your teeth. Then, they start eating away at the hard outer layer of your tooth, called the enamel. When pain develops, that means the bacteria has eaten through to the nerve center of your tooth, through all the protective outer layers. Your tooth’s nerve center could become infected if not treated right away, which could lead to much more serious issues. If you’re experiencing a toothache for more than a day or two, try to get in to see a dentist as quickly as possible.

You Have a Chipped Tooth

Another important dental situation to remedy immediately is a chipped tooth. Chipping your tooth occurs when your tooth is knocked against something hard with enough force that your tooth chips and breaks. Depending on the situation, and the force involved, this can cause a lot of damage to your tooth. A chipped tooth poses similar dangers as a toothache. If a tooth is broken, the inner tooth nerves may be exposed. This can make your teeth incredibly sensitive to any texture or temperature differences. Treatments for this issue vary based on its severity. Some small chips can be easily repaired. However, teeth that break below the gumline will likely need to be removed.

Loose Teeth

Having a loose tooth is an exciting adventure if you’re a child, but it’s not quite so lovely to have a loose tooth as an adult. Loose teeth are the beginning signs of further damage with your tooth, and could cause your tooth to fall out. Teeth become loose when they suffer a traumatic injury, whether it be through force or through pre existing diseases. Gum disease can cause the ligaments to be damaged, leading to your tooth becoming loose in its socket. If you notice a loose tooth, call a dentist immediately to remedy the situation. Once again, depending on the situation’s severity, different treatment options are recommended. Often, the tooth will be splinted to its neighboring teeth until the ligaments reattach and heal. Other times, if the damage is too great, your tooth will need to be removed.

Dental emergencies can cause severe damage to your oral health if not taken care of immediately. It’s important to keep an eye out for the symptoms of any of these issues, so they can be fixed before any further damage is caused. If you notice yourself experiencing any of these issues, contact your dentist as soon as possible.

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