What is the Purpose of a Wellness Coach?

A wellness coach can help you align your physical health with your goals and requirements. Besides assisting you in improving your eating, resting, and exercise habits. A wellness coach will create a personalized program for you. Your personalized program will assist in removing any mental or logistical barriers that are hindering you from reaching your full potential. 

I am a plus size woman certified in integrative nutrition, and life coaching. I understand your struggles and can assist you in reaching your goals.


The Benefits of Working with a Wellness Coach

A wellness coach can assist you in developing accountability, first to the coach, then to yourself. Let’s be realistic. We are aware of the importance of eating healthy. and the need to exercise and get proper rest. Despite this, we place a higher value on other things, such as work, commuting, family, and spending time on social media.   A wellness coach can help you figure out what’s getting in the way of you reaching your goals and provide solutions.

Why Work with a Wellness Coach?

You know you can get to a healthier place, and a wellness coach will help get you there. A wellness coach can assist you in achieving your chosen wellness goal more quickly. An personalized wellness program will gently eliminate the barriers that have been standing in your way of good health, leaving you wondering why they were even there in the first place. 

How We Work Together

My name is Tonya Keatz EL I am a plus-size woman who specializes in Transitional Life Coaching. I am certified in integrative nutrition, professional life coaching, and diet planning. I understand your struggles and can assist you in reaching your goals.

I understand how uneasy it can feel to exist as a plus-size individual in this world. Many of us were not taught to prepare healthy meals, or we struggle to find the time to meal prep. And adding exercise into our daily routine is another issue altogether. You and I will work as a team and together we will customize a wellness plan that works for you.

The wellness plan includes the following elements:

  • Examine your eating habits.
  • Find a form of exercise that you enjoy.
  • Explore methods you can use to relax more.
  • Improve your sleeping pattern.
  • Learn how to prepare healthy meals.
  • Find new recipes that you enjoy preparing.
  • Boost your kitchen’s efficiency.
  • Make a strategy for meal sourcing, planning, preparation, and cleanup.

Ready To Get Started?

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The introductory session is $49 and lasts 60 minutes.


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