What You Can Do to Keep Your Mental Health During Social Distancing

Social distancing can be a hard thing to do, especially since we as human beings need social interaction to stay happy and healthy. Although it can be challenging maintaining your mental health during this worldwide crisis, there are several things you can do to stay mentally well.

Call or Video Chat a Friend

People need human interaction. Human interaction provides us with support, decreases the effects of stress, and even influences the health of our endocrine-immune system.

Given the technological advantages of this generation, there are so many ways we can reach out to loved ones from afar. However, sometimes texting or messaging isn’t enough. Try calling or video chatting with a friend. It may help to actually see their face and here their voice. That way, social distancing won’t feel so isolating anymore.

Go for a Drive

Social distancing doesn’t necessarily mean confinement in your home. There are ways to ‘get out’ without running into risk of becoming sick, getting someone else sick, or being a long way from home. One option is going for a drive.

From the comforts of your car, take a scenic drive or drive around town. Roll down the windows and take slow breaths of fresh air. This will help calm your anxious mind and give your mind the freshness and freedom that it needs. However, as you’re out on the road, it’s important to avoid dangerous driving patterns. Take this time to meditate and enjoy the view.

Practice Meditation or Yoga

Most people tend to be busy bodies. With so much to do, it is hard to be forced to take a step back and relax during these moments of social distancing. It takes practice to enjoy stillness and quiet, but once you get the hang of it, you will never want to go back to an excessively crazy, loud livelihood. Not to mention, your mental health will improve drastically.

Create a space away from the daily bustle of life and make it comfortable with pillows, a yoga mat, soft music, or candles. Online yoga or meditation tutorials online may help you know where to start. Eventually, you will learn to enjoy these moments of quiet contemplation.

It is critical to maintain your mental health during these times of pandemic and social distancing. Without your mental health, your whole health is affected. Take the time to try these activities. You may find yourself feeling happier and healthier.

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