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What Your Morning Beauty Routine Should Focus on Most

Morning routines vary from person to person. Everyone has different schedules and different needs, so no two morning beauty routines will look the same. You may need to experiment a little to see what steps work well for you, but there are some aspects you should focus on most.


As The Everygirl points out, your morning skincare routine should focus on protecting your skin throughout the day. You should start with a cleanse. You may want to start with an oil-based cleanser first if you are using oil-based products at night. You can then follow up with a water-based cleanser. Next step is the toner which is a barrier product that balances the pH on your skin and hydrates it. You can then follow with a serum that has antioxidant properties. Next you need a moisturizer and sun protection. These steps set you up perfectly for any makeup you want to apply and will help your skin stay looking fresh.


A basic hair routine starts with cleansing. Everyone’s needs on cleansing their hair are different, so you should do this as frequently as your hair needs. Cleansing helps to remove buildup, dead skin, and oil. Next is to condition. According to Blake Charles Salon, conditioner will prevent your hair from getting damaged or dehydrated. Next is styling and protecting. If you are using heated tools on your hair you may want to add in some extra product that will protect it from the heat and prevent breakage.


Eating a balanced breakfast should be part of your routine, as this gives you the necessary nutrients for good skin and hair. Your breakfast should include whole grains, protein, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables and water. Eating this way will help boost your fiber intake, which supports the body in getting rid of toxins that lead to inflammation. Protein is important for getting essential amino acids the body uses as building blocks, such as making collagen which help the skins’ elasticity. Fruits and vegetables provide essential vitamins and minerals that help prevent damage. Healthy fats help improve skin moisture as well as being anti-inflammatory and protecting against free radicals.

The best morning routine is the one that you can stick to and works for you. Your routine may look different from someone else’s, but that is ok because everyone has different needs. Focus on the essentials and the rest is up to you.

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