Challenges are something each of us face from time to time. However, reality is sometimes we want to runaway from some challenges. Especially, the ones that leave us feeling overwhelmed or call for change.

Within the past few months Plus Size Wellness was faced with several challenges. Including a bogus investor who ripped off the company, fake people saying they were there to assist but weren’t and other challenges. My business consultant advised me to just breathe and allow 4-6 months of separation in order to rebloom. I was apprehensive and defensive about that suggestion. Here I was watching my new baby begin to walk and fall down a few times. But, to just leave my baby for 6 months was CRAZY!!!

Hmm…or was it? Actually, that break recharged me and allowed me to get over my anger, confusion and whatever else I was feeling.Amazingly, I am no longer pissed off and caught up in that season. It was a challenge and by the grace of The Most High I have moved on.

How do you handle challenges?

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