lany bryant diverse mannequins

Lane Bryant has unveiled their new diverse mannequins. The mannequins are in 4 different colors, representing the various hues of their customers. According to a press release by Lane Bryant, the mannequins are a reflection of their brand’s commitment to inclusion and diversity. This commitment hasn’t always been accepted byContinue Reading

burger king moldy whopper

Burger King has launched an ad campaign showing a moldy Whopper that contains less or no preservatives going through a transformation of 34 days. When I first saw the photo of the Whopper on my web browser I didn’t know how I felt toward it. That’s probably because I haveContinue Reading


“The body-positive movement is the body-positive movement, and we high five. We’re parallel. But my movement is my movement. When all the dust has settled on the groundbreaking-ness, I’m going to still be doing this. I’m not going to suddenly change. I’m going to still be telling my life storyContinue Reading